Feeling really rubbish x

Pork Chops

    Hey Katie,
    I read your posts while I was on my break at work today and was so saddened by what you were writing as I related to all your feelings. It’s so good that you are able to vent your emotions and if that’s what’s helping you then do what ever you need to.
    Your feelings of anger are normal….I was so angry with every one, including myself and even at Tyler for leaving me! I’m still bitter about people choice of words and the stupid things people said to me/ us! The worst ” your young enough to have another baby” to which I screamed back at them… I don’t want another baby, I want that one back! The pressure of what your both going through will add stress to your relationship, you just gotta try and stand strong together. Tim is very quiet and doesn’t really like to talk about Tyler, even now. Although he come cemetery with me often. I still fight with myself in my brain, I just control it better then I used too. I hope some of what I’m saying makes sense and just do what ever you need to, to get through these early days x