Feeling really rubbish x


Oh Katie

Once again I can relate to all your words the blame, the guilt, the tears, the not wanting to leave my bed, the anger and venting especially at people and their platitudes … As if they can even come close to understanding the complexities of the emotions you are feeling, sometimes i used to wish they wouldnt say anything as it didnt help it only made me more angry. I have since learnt not to suffer fools anymore and am less tolerant of many situations I would have previously put up with. I also now truely believe what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Jim and I grieved very differently too, early days I was a mess and he held it together then vice versa also I wanted to talk and he didn’t do found this forum a good way of venting and receiving the support which actually made me feel a little bit more normal. But in the long term it has drawn us closer as a couple as no one else in the world will understand ur pain better – even if we feel it differently at times.

Sorry if I have rambled on a bit but hope it has helped in some small way n keep talking Hun it honestly does help.

Hugs to you

Becs xxx