feeling apprehensive


    Hi Clare, (again, now that my ye olde worlde Internet is behaving!)

    I have to admit that apprehension kept me from doing a lot of things since we lost Phoebe. I just wasn’t so good at social situations. Having 3 other children and 2 older stepdaughters keeps me busy enough, but I actively avoided public places.

    Phoebe was stillborn at 41 wks 5 days, weighed 11lbs 1oz, and was 64cm long.

    Her heart stopped during labour. We’d been trying for another baby for over 8 years, and in that time had 2 miscarriages at 13 and 16 wks.

    She would have been 2 years old on 25th June 2012. I miss her every day. Even more since our newest arrival.

    We were blessed by the arrival of Jaime on 15-2-2012. He was born by elective caesarian at 37 weeks. He was 7lbs 3oz and 56cm long. He’s adorable.

    You will meet us both next Wednesday if you come along. Hope you do. I regret not taking part in things because at times I really could’ve used the love and support these wonderful people always offer.

    So hope to see you on Wednesday.