Back in hospital


    Thanks ladies.

    Becs I met Mr Davis a couple of days ago, seemed very nice, he came to introduce himself in case I caused trouble during his on call! Mr Cooper looked after me when I arrived in the ambulance, also very nice. Unfortunately Mr Von Widekind also came for a chat. Geoff & I have not forgiven him for the way he dealt with us after Grace died & his bedside manner has not improved!!

    Seems I am well known here now. One of the midwives on the ward told me she was on duty on labour ward when I came in on Sunday and that the paramedic was visibly shaken & had to be sat down with a cup of tea! Why can’t I do straightforward pregnancy? Well I did with Evie I guess which lulled me into this false sense of security that I could do it again. I just want this baby to be OK now but must admit if I’d known how this pregnancy was going to be, I would have stopped at 3.

    Thanks for your kind offers to visit. The hours are a bit limiting so totally understand if you can’t. Only 1730-1930 and no children, other than my own. Geoff brings me food then sits here & eats it!!