Back in hospital


    Thanks ladies for your kind messages. I spent 2 nights on labour ward before moving to my new home on Robert Watson. They had me on total bed rest yesterday which was horrible. Had to be taken to the toilet by wheelchair & was not allowed a shower. Today I am at least clean!

    We are buying time apparently. It’s too risky to allow me home, they want me here in case I bleed again and they have to deliver fast, but if I’m lucky we will get some more weeks for this little one to grow before he enters the world. There are 4 of us in the same room, all with placenta previa, all here until our babies are born. The food is pretty awful but on Robert Watson it’s an improvement on the offering on Labour Ward!

    I’m really missing the children. They came in last night but Evie was so upset when she left, it was heartbreaking. I’ve told Geoff not to bring them everyday, as much as I want to see them it’s not fair on them.

    Things calm for now but I know it can all change in an instant. Will keep in touch!

    Max, x