Where Does The Money Go … ?

Full disclosure on our responsibilities and governance here at Children Are Butterflies

The Team Take No Salary

We keep it simple at Children Are Butterflies, as we believe that as much as physically possible of the funds raised needs to go families in need, so our small team of Trustees and supporters take no salary. So apart from a few expenses to keep this website “on air”, and for very occasional printing and promotional material, all the money raised is available to provide financial assistance to bereaved families.

Ann Farmer

Founder, Trustee and Partner/Funeral Director at Hollowells

Ann runs Children Are Butterflies alongside her commitments as a Partner at Hollowells Funeral Directors. It is the immense support of her family at Hollowells that allows Children Are Butterflies to operate in this way. Ann has built a reputation in Northampton for her work with children’s funerals and conducts many within the town, and this is the very reason the charity exists. Hence why a fair proportion of the financial assistance is taken up locally.

Clare Hollowell

Trustee, Ann’s sister and Partner/Funeral Director at Hollowells

Alongside her duties as a Partner at Hollowells Clare supports Ann, not only in running the charity, but she also conducts many of the local children’s funerals herself. So all the families of the Children Are Butterflies community – our Butterfly Families – that has built up in and around Northampton, has a close bond with both Ann and Clare.

Jon Farmer

Trustee, Ann’s husband, Tech Support & Photography

Jon is a photographer and works part time for Hollowells as a Health and Safety Adviser. He provides technical and practical support where necessary for the charity. This website was built and is managed by Jon and much of the photography has been provided by Jon.

Peter Wyllie

Long time supporter and friend to Children Are Butterflies. Official spokesman.

Peter has been a part of our journey for a long time now. As a Civil Celebrant he carries out many funeral services in and around Northampton. He has personally helped many of our local Butterfly Families to cope with their loss by providing them with a beautiful funeral service, and as a professional orator (or “big mouth”!) has become our Official Spokesperson for public events.

Your Questions Answered …

How Do You Assess The Application For Assistance?

There are strict rules for what costs can be applied for, and there are many things that we deem not applicable for assistance. With Ann’s and Clare’s intimate knowledge of the funeral process, assessing the application and deciding on the final grant is agreed between them. Fees for certain items vary nationally so all submitted forms are verified and endorsed by the applicant’s Funeral Director.

How Do You Ensure The Assistance Grants Are Used Appropriately?

We issue grants all over the country so of course we do not know the applicants personally, so there would be an element of risk if we sent funds to the applicants directly. That is why we insist that all the fees that are being applied for are verified by the family’s Funeral Director, and the final grant cheques are sent to the family but made out to the Funeral Director that is carrying out the funeral.

Summary Of Financial Assistance Granted In 2017

Total Number of Funerals Granted Assistance in 2017:


Total Assistance Granted:


Assistance granted to families using Hollowells Funeral Directors in Northampton.

Total Funerals:

Total Assistance Granted:

Applications for Assistance from elsewhere in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Total Funerals:

Total Assistance Granted:

Where The Assistance Was Sent In 2017

Birmingham (19 Funerals)

Telford (2 Funerals)

Manchester (1 Funeral)

Nottingham (4 Funerals)

Lincolnshire (1 Funeral)

Southampton (1 Funeral)

Wolverhampton (3 Funerals)

Leeds (2 Funerals)

Stockport (1 Funeral)

London (12 Funerals)

Norfolk (1 Funeral)

Newry (1 Funeral)

Ballymoney (1 Funeral)

Northamptonshire (4 Funerals)

Shrewsbury (1 Funeral)

Brough (1 Funeral)

Lancashire (1 Funeral)

Middlesex (1 Funeral)

Hampshire (1 Funeral)

Wallington (1 Funeral)

Sheffield (1 Funeral)

Cheshire (1 Funeral)

Stoke (2 Funerals)

Pontefract (1 Funeral)

West Midlands (3 Funerals)

Beckenham (1 Funeral)

Codsall (1 Funeral)

Staffordshire (4 Funerals)

Penmayne (1 Funeral)

Huddersfield (1 Funeral)

Essex (1 Funeral)

Carrickfergus (1 Funeral)

Cleveland (1 Funeral)

Wakefield (1 Funeral)

Newcastle Upon Tyne (1 Funeral)

Walsall (2 Funerals)

Coventry (1 Funeral)

Bradford (1 Funeral)

Hereford (1 Funeral)

So A Massive Thank You To All Who Contributed … You Are Amazing!